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I love choice but sometime I can have to much and then I hesitate! I always think of this when running a promotion. I want clients to feel they are getting plenty of choice but at the same time do not want to bog them down with apertures and a myriad of different frames to choose from.
I tend to think in three’s and offer 3 x different looks and sizes, of course they can mix and match but it keeps choosing simple. I of course think my taste is good and hope the client does to.
I get asked a lot to take just one shot usually from a company however if all I produced was one shot I think they would be very unhappy with results!! it is never going to be just one shot and of course the more people involved the more involved the shot. Even product shots need to be taken at different angles.
Anyway you get my drift choices we all want them even if we think we don’t

Engagement Do!

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Engagement parties are great they are fun and frivolous!! there is no stress on the bride and groom other than to party. It is a great way to invite people who may not be able to make the wedding or because of numbers cannot attend the wedding.
I always find them quite romantic as the couple are starting the journey towards marriage, the hectic arranging is usually way ahead!
When I photograph engaged couples I make sure we get time out for them away from the party to get some intimate shots of them on their own. Usually these are playful and fun and I love the relaxed chemistry between the couples its almost like “well we have done it now”!!
In most cases I am photographing their wedding so it is a great way to interact with the couple and get to know them a little bit better before the big event.
For brides I always think it is a good way to rehearse her look and see what looks good in the photographs
There should be more engagement parties in the world!DSC_0137

Location Photography

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I am getting asked more and more these days for location photography. I love it! taking a wedding couple to a special location away from the hustle and bustle of a wedding day is a lovely way to get them to relax and more importantly to play. Most couples have a place in mind or ask me to come up with something, either way its great fun and I have been introduced to some beautiful places I didn’t know existed. Please make sure if you are on private land that you have asked owner and in a lot of cases a payment has to be paid, you do not want an irate owner charging over to you in the middle of a shoot!!! It is important to check out any locations in advance even if you feel you know the area – things change. I went to a favourite part of a wood with a family who wanted shots of them outside and the particular part of the wood I would normally shoot had been cut down due to coppicing. Expecting a woodland full of trees I got a area of stumps of trees and piles of logs. Luckily its a big wood we moved on but still made me look a bit blonde (I am blonde by the way). Great family and they took it all in their stride so no big issue. Now I make sure I know exactly where I am going!!!

Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields

Team Photography Sir John Lawes

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Yesterday did one of my favourite jobs photographing Sports Teams at Sir John Lawes Harpenden. Really successful sports department led by Andy great fun to work with. Pupils win lots of awards in all categories. I have been photographing this school for years and it never disappoints always organised and lots of winners.
There is always something uplifting about taking team photography especially when the staff and pupils are driven to achieve. Nowadays with the emphasis on children being more active it is great to see that this school certainly puts this

Girls love Rounders!!

Girls love Rounders!!

into practice. No doubt it spills over into the pupils academic life.
Well done SJL.

Fathers Day is nearly here!

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Do not forget Dad this Fathers Day! Fathers are often overlooked on Fathers Day and just given a pair of socks or a few beers! that may suit most Dads however wouldn’t it be lovely to have something more longer lasting!?
A family Photo Shoot or a Father and his Son or Daughter is a great way to keep those memories – the images are cherished forever. A great work of art for the home can be a great talking point and a lovely focal point for the family.
Time passes quickly and we all think we will remember all the milestones of our family, the truth is we do not!
Fathers and their new babies are beautiful to photograph the sensitivity from new Fathers is really moving. their protective instinct comes out and capturing the moment between them is truly magical.
We are promoting KMLPHOTOGRAPHY vouchers now! contact us and buy yours now and give your Father the gift of Family Photography.
Vouchers last a year and if local we can come to you
Create some joy for everyone with the focus on your Dad! my photographs of my Dad with my Brothers and Sisters and of course Mum are special beyond words! I would want you to feel that to!TomSophia 095

Valentines Day

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Hazel and Paul get married

Hazel and Paul get married

Very romantic wedding last Friday Valentines Day between Hazel and Paul.  Even though the heavens had opened they had a fabulous day.

Hazel arrived in a Camper Van and looked  stunning while Paul was waiting nervously inside Cheshunt Registry Office after the ceremony we all went on to Tewinbury Farm and I have to say the staff there were fabulous, really helpful and Marie made sure Hazel was looked after and kept as dry as possible throughout the day

We had some fun with Hazel and her wellies and of course the much needed brollie!!

Nothing was going to stop this lovely couple having a brilliant day!


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Spent a lot of the weekend working on my marketing campaign through MailChimp – Had to ask my marketing friend Kate for help although quite straightforward the language is not one I am familiar with – got me thinking how we all take technology for granted especially like the software I may use in my photography.  While I feel levels, plugins and Gaussian blur are everyday language, I know that is not the case for everyone.

Its always good to have a new challenge and feel really proud to have put my first customized email out to my list of subscribers woop woop!


SWPP convention in London

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Had a great day at the trade show last Friday at Hilton Metropole lots of new information and fabulous albums to look at!
Caught up with Calum and Graham from Loxley have not seen them for years will have to make sure I use more of Loxley now!
Downside went for a drink at the bar and got charged £20.80 for 2 x glasses of wine can honestly say I am not going to get tipsy at that hotel.

Happy New Year

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Lovely end to 2013 photographing Marionne and Kerrion’s wedding and lovely start photographing lots of lovely new babies.

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